5 Built-In Dog Beds

5 Built-In Dog Beds

This post is for all those dog lovers out there!  We’ve had dog beds that were cute but never something worth writing about…well, these built-in dog beds are worth every word.




Oh my gosh!  How cute is that?!  You know you want a little doggie cubbie hole bed like this one!  Your sweet puppy could be right by your side and have a cozy space to call his own.




These dogs have it made in this beautiful built-in bed!




What dog doesn’t want to hang out in the kitchen?!  This pooch is right where the action is but he won’t get stepped on.  {I just want to hug him!}

I have to point out this awesome wood floor…I WANT IT!




A hidden dog bed…cool!




This might not exactly be built-in but it sure has the look…I love it and it looks like this cute guy does too!

Dogs Rule!

Do you know a sweet dog that deserves a bed like one of these? 



Photo credit: Traditional Home, Cook Architectural, Kitchen Building, House of Turquoise, Dog Inside

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  1. Love these dog beds! When our oldest was a puppy, she made the bottom shelf of a night stand her bed. We just added a cushion once we knew she was going to keep using it.

  2. How cute! I might have to try something like that…my guy is always right where I can step on him! :)

  3. Absolutely adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love these ideas especially the one in the kitchen, my dog loves to lie in her crate in the kitchen when I am in there. This so cool!

  5. It is really a great thing for Dogs. I would really love to get this kind of arrangement for my pet. I think he will also like it…
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