Lovely Laundry Rooms


Laundry time in this beautiful laundry room wouldn’t be so bad.  This large table for folding would be wonderful and you could sit there and read a magazine while you wait on your spin cycle…gotta love that!

Looking for a bit of laundry room inspiration?  Here you go…


Crisp, clean and fresh!  This room has great storage!

Bam!  A splash of color makes this laundry room stunning!  Red is my favorite color so maybe I would want to do laundry if I had these beauties.


A bright and pretty laundry room…the natural light makes it extra special.


This washing machine was a limited edition by Designers Guild but you could use any style of colorful decals to spice up you old washing machine.  It’s a great way to get a fresh and stylish washer instantly!

Would having a beautiful laundry room make the chore of washing clothes nicer for you?  Maybe??