Beautiful Workspaces {Dreamy Desks}

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A beautiful workspace can help you be more productive, don’t you think?  I do.  Give me this amazing painted desk and I’ll surely sit there longer checking things off my list.  It would bring out the best in me!

Whatever your workspace looks like it should be a wonderful addition to your home, not some big ugly desk you found on the side of the road.  Well, if you did find it on the side of the road you best give it a cheerful paint job…ha!


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Sometime a desk needs to fit in the corner of a room and look great with the rest of your decor.  This is an awesome desk for a small space and who wouldn’t want that fabulous chair??  I’ll take it!


Mix color and a love for Ikea and you get this creative workspace that sure to keep you inspired all day long!

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This desk is simple, feminine and down right gorgeous!  The whole room is washed with light and I would trade in a heartbeat!

What’s your dream workspace look like?  Would one of these work for you?

Small Space Living

What a great little bit of ingenuity!


Narrow enough to work in even the smallest room, this cool little shelf includes a storage area to boot. This can be easily built using 1×12 solid wood glued and nailed together to form a long box shape. Then cover the back with a strip of thin plywood which will keep the box strong and the angles square. It also gives you a solid material to use in attaching the whole thing to the wall.

Important! – The amount of weight a shelf like this can hold is determined by a few factors. Be sure to make design choices based on your strength requirements.