Funky Frame Tutorial {DIY Home Decor}

Funky Frame Tutorial {DIY Home Decor}

I know you’ve seen these funky frames and thought you might be able to make some on your own…but how??  This tutorial is sure to save you lots of money when it comes to decorating your home with these beauties.  I find it hard to part with $30 or so for a frame, don’t you?!  Well, here’s the information you need to create a wall full of these fabulous frames with step-by-step instructions.



Stacy started with a dollar store frame and a template with just the right amount of curves…love it!


She took a bit of MDF and her trusty jig saw and got busy.


In no time at all Stacy is finished with her funky chunky frame!  I would love to have these all over the house!  You can find all the instructions and easy-to-follow tutorial on her blog, Not Just a Housewife.

Do you have any unique frames on your walls?


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