Have a Breakfast Nook You Can Be Proud Of!

ImageEverybody luuurrrvves a great breakfast nook!

They have the potential to be one of the most comfortable and cozy spaces in any home.

Here are a few inspiring photos and tips to help you transform your nook into your own little slice of heaven!

This little nook to the right is a great example of creatively imagining a space that is both functional and beautiful!

The use of horizontal wood boards as wall paneling and then painting that an accent color is brilliant!

While it may be a little bit pink for me personally, it’s really a great space that looks like an inspiring spot to start the day!

Connect Built-In Seating and Storage


Built-in seating, commonly referred to as banquettes, is a great way to save space while gaining big in terms of liveability!

Nobody loves the feeling of having more empty chairs around the table than full ones. If you’re like me, it just makes you miss your kids wherever they may be at the moment.

The cool set-up above works comfortably for two without seeming empty yet is easily expanded to seat up to five for a larger gathering.

When It Comes to Windows, Think Outside the Box


These windows make this space sing! Designs like this are getting easier and easier to come by so don’t give-up too quickly! Modern woodworking machines are bringing the costs down and the result of something like this is breathtaking!

The simple chandalier, bright white walls, and unobtrusive open beam ceilings are all ideas you could incorporate into your perfect sun-kissed corner.

A Cleaner Approach


If you’re more comfortable surrounded by clean lines and soft, warm tones, then maybe the highly customized dining area shown above is up your ally.

Top-of-the-line cabinetry and custom cushions work together with just the right shade of paint and some fantastic looking interior brickwork to create a space that is elegant, functional, and very, very comfortable.

The wall-mounted lighting makes that corner look like a great place to kick back with a book or a magazine. Is this one your dream spot?

What About a Simple Splash of Color?


Sometimes the difference between “blah” and “bam!” is as simple as a little bit of color! Find a table at Goodwill or Habitat and hit it with some sandpaper and paint and you’ll soon be greeting each day with a smile!

A close look reveals some attention to detail has gone into the space shown above. The assortment of pillows perfectly ties the table with the window shade and wall colors.

Very nice!

No Breakfast Nook?

Don’t fret, just do a bump-out addition! Take a close look at this one:


I love color, so it’s sometimes tough for me to get into very subdued designs, but this really looks fantastic. The way the table and benches cantilever out with no support really look neat.

The cool thing about this space is that the whole entire thing could be added to any home as a bump-out addition. It’s less expensive than you might think and the added space can be invaluable!

I wrote a post about Bump-Out additions over at RemodelingGuy if you want to read more about that.


Well there you have it. A few ideas that you can use to create a breakfast nook you can be proud of!


~ Tim


Photo sources: Ashley Anderson,  CentsationalGirl, bhg.com, Olivia Kiraly, 28media


Outdoor Fireplaces, Oh My!

With the beautiful days of spring approaching now might be a good time to start thinking about outdoor living spaces once more!

Thank heavens, the days of a plain and bare porch are gone.

The new porch is a living space all its own, complete with comfortable sofas, area lighting, inviting floor coverings, and, if you’re lucky, an outdoor fireplace!


Beautiful and Functional

The visual impact of an outdoor fireplace can be extraordinary.  The photo above shows that the results can be, well, wow!

Outdoor rooms often have the enviable benefit of abundant space available.

The lack of walls open up design opportunities that don’t exist inside.  The ways to make an outdoor fireplace beautiful are virtually unlimited.



But the examples shown here are much, much more than a pretty face!  The functionality is undeniable.  Outdoor fireplaces provide more than you might think!

Fireplaces can:

  • Confine the space – This can be a good thing making an otherwise wide-open area feel cozy and comfortable.
  • Block undesired views – Have a neighbor you don’t want to look at?  Fireplaces, especially with chimneys, are great for this.
  • Create a focal point – Focal points outside can play a huge role in the feel of interior spaces. Use a fireplace to make a great one!
  • Hide structural components – Is there a post right where you don’t want it?  What if it was a beautiful fireplace?

More Options Outdoors

Interior fireplaces have lots of building codes related to chimneys, gas lines, and distances from various “combustible” building components!

Understandably so!  Outdoor fireplaces are much more open to design flexibility.

Notice how the beautiful brick fireplace below is able to stop short at just over head-height.  The short chimney gets smoke high enough to avoid it being in the space, but keeps the sky visually uncluttered and is less expensive to build!


You also get to choose from a wider range of materials outside.  The amazing and massive fireplace below uses the same exterior finish as the rest of the house walls.  The result is a fireplace that looks incredible, blends with the overall design, and is designed to withstand the elements.


Add Space, Create Warmth, Enjoy Outdoors!

Outdoor living spaces are wonderful in so many ways.  Time with friends and family can transform into an unforgettable experience when you turn up the heat a little!

Here’s to an endless supply of beautiful springtime evenings enjoying outdoor living in your home!  Cheers!

Photo source: CoastalLiving.com

Contemporary Winter Lodge

It never fails.  This time of year I always start to dream of cozy lodges overlooking fabulous ski slopes.  I’m a Florida girl for sure, but I can always handle a week in the snow…that’s about how long it takes me to wear all the winter attire I have in my entire closet!

Well, this Aspen ski home is even more beautiful than the one in my dreams.



Takes your breath away doesn’t it?  It’s a modern lodge nestled in the trees…love it!




The clean lines and giant timbers are beautiful!



It looks like there’s room for a ton of people, and I bet there’s an amazing view from that couch!


This is the room that dreams are made of, oh my!

Maybe I need two lodges!  One can be traditional and the other this stunning Aspen lodge.  Yep, that sounds perfect!

You can read more about this home in Architectural Digest.

What do you think?  Traditional or Modern?


Photography by Pieter Estersohn, Design by Atelier AM

5 Built-In Dog Beds

This post is for all those dog lovers out there!  We’ve had dog beds that were cute but never something worth writing about…well, these built-in dog beds are worth every word.




Oh my gosh!  How cute is that?!  You know you want a little doggie cubbie hole bed like this one!  Your sweet puppy could be right by your side and have a cozy space to call his own.




These dogs have it made in this beautiful built-in bed!




What dog doesn’t want to hang out in the kitchen?!  This pooch is right where the action is but he won’t get stepped on.  {I just want to hug him!}

I have to point out this awesome wood floor…I WANT IT!




A hidden dog bed…cool!




This might not exactly be built-in but it sure has the look…I love it and it looks like this cute guy does too!

Dogs Rule!

Do you know a sweet dog that deserves a bed like one of these? 



Photo credit: Traditional Home, Cook Architectural, Kitchen Building, House of Turquoise, Dog Inside

Wonderful White

I have a super colorful house but there are days when I wish it was all white.  There’s something soothing about layers and layer of white that invites you to sit back and read a book or dream colorful dreams.


All white with a touch of grey…just beautiful!




White with natural colored accents…so comfy!



White with amazing natural light!




White in layers of linen!




White with a touch of color.  I love the yellow as an accent!

Decorating with white can make it easy to change with the seasons by adding pillows or colorful decor to a table.  I think I’ll always need just a bit of color, but all white can be quite stunning!

What do you think about decorating with all white?  Do you think you’d get tired of it?


Images: Mari Ericksson, House to Home, Cottage Living, Centsational Girl, Coastal Living

Beautiful Bookcases


The world might full of Kindles, IPads and other book reading devices but there’s still something magical about a great selection of books.  I’m sure you have books that you save to read over and over again, so you’ll need a bookcase of some sort.  You might have just the right spot for one of these creative bookcases!

This circular bookshelf is like a frame to this lovely window with a view.  It’s a super cool reading spot that I wouldn’t mind hanging out in for an afternoon.


Here’s a sweet and simple bookcase with a spin.  It’s great for a tight area or a rental home.


This tree bookcase is extremely creative!  Let your imagination go and design something perfect for your room.


This is a fabulous example of how you can recycle and turn trash into treasure!  What an awesome spot for your books without stretching your budget.

I hope you found a bit of bookcase inspiration for your home.  Building a creative bookcase of your own is a great weekend project that you’ll enjoy for years and years.

Do you have a creative idea for storing books?  We tend to have books all over so I can always use more ideas.



Photos:  Casa De Valintina, PBteen, Jessica Santain, Country Living

101 Green Home Decor Tutorials

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Having a beautiful home doesn’t need to leave your bank account in the red…GO GREEN!

These fabulous and frugal green home decor tutorials are the best way to decorate while being eco-friendly!  There’s a little something here for any style home.  Don’t throw away that old suitcase, those wine corks or extra paint sticks…create something beautiful!

  1. Wooden Crate Stairs – Funky Junk Interiors
  2. Fabric Covered Suitcases – A Beautiful Mess
  3. Ladder Display Shelf – The Inspired Room
  4. Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror – Centsational Girl
  5. Mail Center – Brooklyn Limestone
  6. DIY Vintage Tins – Tortoise and the Hare
  7. Cork Vases – Papernstitch
  8. Art Caddy Redo – Thrifty Decor Chick
  9. Chevron Shoe Box Art – Spunky Junky
  10. Magazine Mirror Tutorial – Fleeting Thing
  11. Starburst Silverware Mirror – Flamingo Toes
  12. Creative Message Center – Tatertots and Jello
  13. Moss Graffiti – Crafting A Green World
  14. String Ball Floor Lamp – Craftastical
  15. Eiffel Tower Book Bundle – Confessions of a Pate Addict
  16. Paint Chip Wall Art – Two Girls Being Crafty
  17. Silver Leaf Lamp – Centsational Girl
  18. Recycled Book Wall Letters – Little Things Bring Smiles
  19. Paint Stick Pendant Light – Enjoying the Simple Things
  20. Old Door Desk – Apartment Therapy
  21. Pins & String Wall Art – Curbly
  22. Cardboard Valance – In My Own Style
  23. Wine Cork Bulletin Boards – Young House Love
  24. Braided Rope Doormat – Martha Stewart
  25. Stump Table – Brooklyn Limestone
  26. Pinwheel Painting – Elise Blaha
  27. Paint Swatch Chandelier – Hey Gorgeous
  28. Recycled Sweater Pendant Light – Country Living
  29. Flannel Lanterns – Green Wedding Shoes by Free People
  30. Retro Bottle Caps Clock – My Lifetime
  31. Wine Glass Lamp – Bonfa
  32. Board Bingo Serving Tray – Funky Junk Interiors
  33. Painted Twig Mirror – Woman’s Day
  34. Plastic Cup Lamp – A Bit of Green
  35. Recycled Paper Framed Art – A Little Hut
  36. Fabric Covered Knobs – A Field Journal
  37. Crib to Bench – A Diamond in the Stuff
  38. Bottle Cap Table – Windfarm
  39. Solar Light Jars – The Hand Me Down House
  40. Crib to Table for Kids – Ohdeedoh
  41. Book Bookends – Design Sponge
  42. Wine Bottle Lamp – Wit & Whistle
  43. Upcycled Mason Jars – Pure and Noble
  44. Patio Lights – Crafty Butt
  45. Headboard Bench – Scissors & Spatulas
  46. Recycled Sweater Rug – Fine Craft Guild
  47. Utensil Tray to Shelf – Going Home to Roost
  48. Stenciled Pot – Gardner on a Budget
  49. Acorn Wreath – Little Things Bring Smiles
  50. Box Spring Bulletin Board – Funky Junk Interiors
  51. Shutter Photo Display – SAS Interiors
  52. Chevron Rug – Burlap and Denim
  53. Drawers to Basket Makeover – Salvaged Whimsy
  54. Jars to Lanterns – The Home in Paradise
  55. Old Window Jewelry Display – Saved By Love Creations
  56. Cardboard Tube Wall Storage – Country Living
  57. Pouf from Throw Rugs – Dollar Store Crafts
  58. Earring Frame – The Lavender Tub
  59. Pallet Cabinet – Shabby Love
  60. Cabinet Door to Serving Tray – Crafty Nest
  61. Book Clock – Shealynn’s Faerie Shoppe
  62. Lace Lamp – Dos Family
  63. Starburst Twig Wreath – The Painted Hive
  64. Sweater Vases – Under the Table and Dreaming
  65. Barnwood Headboard – Design Sponge
  66. Book Page Table Runner – Better Homes and Gardens
  67. Succulent Sphere – Drought Smart Plants
  68. Wheelbarrow Coffee Table – Funky Junk Interiors
  69. Rag Bath Mat – A Common Thread
  70. Drawer Shelves – Be Homemade
  71. Repurposed Shirt Dog Silhouette Pillow – Less-Than-Perfect Life
  72. Typecase Table – Craftzine
  73. Old Window Art – A Step in the Journey
  74. Copper Rain Chain – Instructables
  75. Mason Jar Soap Dispenser – Blissfully Content
  76. Salvaged Wood Block Lamp – Burlap and Denim
  77. Revamp Your Bookshelf – The Nest
  78. Shutter Photo Display – New England Through Yummy Mama’s Eyes
  79. Entryway Bench – Remodelista
  80. Old Window Chalkboard – Thrifty Decorating
  81. Pallet Desk – Funky Junk Interiors
  82. Hanger Book Rack – Apartment Therapy
  83. Wire Basket Light – The Painted Hive
  84. Reclaimed Wood Wall Art – Shanty 2 Chic
  85. Honeycomb Storage Shelves – Design Sponge
  86. Fence Flag – Ladycrafter14
  87. Barn Wood Mirror – Curbly
  88. Coffee Pot Lamp – My Repurpose Life
  89. T-Shirt Shag Mat – Monkey See, Monkey Do
  90. Repurposed Pillow Headboard – Flippin’ Factory
  91. Fabric Lined Cans – Pickup Some Creativity
  92. Newspaper Recycling Bin – Martha Stewart
  93. Pottery Barn Finials – The Inspired Nest
  94. Clothespin Mirror – Country Living
  95. Paint Stick Crate – Today’s Fabulous FInds
  96. Paper Doily Wreath – A Diamond in the Stuff
  97. Woven Woolen Rug – DIY Network
  98. Upcycled Lanterns – Ruffled
  99. Scrap Paper Bird Art – The Bride’s Diary
  100. Cork Drawer Knobs – Dollar Store Crafts
  101. Succulent Table – Far Out Flora

You can decorate your whole home with recycled materials!  I love so, so, so many of these and I hope you enjoyed all these inspiring tutorials!

If you love creative ideas for you home, please subscribe to Remodeling Therapy.  New subscribers make my day! 

Here’s a little something to help with giving more green gifts…


Check out this great list of Green Handmade Gift Tutorials before you head out on your next shopping trip.  These will save you loads of money, help the Earth and make you look amazingly smart and crafty!!!  What more could a girl want?!

Feel free to share this with all of your friends…the world needs more green!!!

Care to share a green idea???  I’d love to hear all about it!


10 Country Kitchen Inspired Budget Tips

We’ve taken a few great looking country kitchens and pulled out 10 tips to save you money on your kitchen remodel budget. Did we miss anything?


1. Framed DIY Chalkboards – Skipping the whole set of upper cabinets has two key benefits.  First, it opens up the room and creates a feeling of spaciousness many kitchens yearn for.  Second, it saves a ton of money!  The drawback can be huge expanses of open wall space.  Paint a section with chalkboard paint and frame it with wood that compliments your cabinets.  The addition of some small shelves like seen above complete the look and make-up for some of that lost storage!

2. Make Use of inexpensive furnishings – A table like the one above can be a garage sale find for $20!  Even a new one probably wouldn’t set you back more than $100.  Compare that to a thousand dollars or more for an island cabinet and counter surface.  The metal shelving unit is another great solution that won’t cost much and provides a nice contrast to the wood in the room.

3. White Appliances and Fixtures – Creating a design that works with white appliances will save you a bundle. White appliances are consistently less expensive, sometimes by more than 30%.


4. Learn a little carpentry! – Open shelves like the ones above are very easy to cut from simple 1×8 or 1×10 lumber.  The brackets can be either made or bought.  I found some on Amazon.com that were similar for about $12 bucks.  Decide to take your skill level a notch higher and you can cut these out yourself for a fraction of even that cost. (Hint: The wood beadboard paneling on the wall makes securely mounting shelves about a gazillion times easier)

5.  Consider a smaller sink area – This farm sink looks awesome and farm sinks certainly cost a bit more than drop-in sinks do.  But the picture above demonstrates a different kind of economy – space economy.  This farm sink is a single bowl model that is half as wide as some of the larger sinks.  That space savings means a smaller bottom line budget and less to clean too!


6. Hunt for bargains on tile flooring – Flooring is one of the most wide ranging cost items in any remodel.  Its also one of the areas where serious money can be saved.  The image above shows a porcelain tile floor that is exactly the kind of thing I see on clearance pallets all the time.  Don’t shop only at the big-box stores.  Go to the nearest large metro area and visit dozens of tile suppliers in one day.  You’ll often find them in the same areas making it easy to visit a half-dozen suppliers in a couple of hours.  They always have close-out selections for crazy prices.  The catch:  you have to take delivery now, so be ready or have a storage spot lined-up.



7. Keep paint choices simple – The more paint colors you have, the higher your budget will creep.  More colors means more paint, more tools, and more time.  If you’re paying a painter, that means a lot more money.  Even if you’re DIY’ing it, you’ll save cash by keeping paint choices to a minimum.  I’d never advocate skimping on your design goals for this (I love colorful spaces), but as you can see in the photo above, one color can look fantastic!

8. Combine Spaces – The kitchen above gives new meaning to the term “Eat-In-Kitchen”.  In a smaller home, doubling up on space like this can mean the difference between a house working for your family or not.  It can save tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of a room addition or a larger home.  Small spaces often work out much better than you expect and result in great times with family and friends, so if you can use the same space for cooking and eating, go for it!


9. Um… well, let’s see… There must be a money saving tip in this awesome kitchen somewhere. Cheap cabinets, nope…not even close.  Flooring… it doesn’t get much more expensive than this.  Don’t even get me started on that awesome unit against the wall under the windows.  Windows!  That’s it – lot’s of windows save money on lighting cost while creating a happy and inviting space!

Moving on…


10. Don’t be afraid of “eclectic” – A kitchen like the one above is the kind of space that is filled to the brim with things the owner loves from the bottom of her soul!  Items like that unique baker’s rack/cupboard and the antique table with bench seating are too authentic to be contrived.  This is the kind of space that can only happen over time.

Just start collecting things you love and putting them to work.  After awhile, a look all your own will develop and you’ll love everything so much it will feel like it didn’t cost you a dime!

~ Tim

Decorating With Pink

Do you have the perfect room for a little pink?  I’m not talking about a room for little girls, but a big girl room.  The spot that’s perfect for reading a book or having tea.  Yes, that’s it, a room for having tea served to you on a big silver platter.  Pink is more than ballerina shoes, it can be chic and sophisticated.



What do you think about this room?  It has stunning curtains and shades of pink all over.  I would never think to decorate a room like this, but I love it!  Maybe having a pink room keeps the boys out.  I’m the only girl in my house so this is looking pretty inviting to me…ha!



Pink and grey…what a great combination!


{Casa Charmosa}

This workspace is a winner!  The pink is beautiful against the bright white and it could be changed quickly if you decide try another color.  You would only need to change a few things, not paint the room.  Smart & beautiful!

Have you ever decorated with pink?


Rustic Wall Clock {DIY Home Decor}

Ever need a large wall clock on a budget?  This beautiful rustic wall clock can be made at a fraction of the cost and the satisfaction you get from making it yourself is priceless!

The timeless look is sure to compliment any decor.  Create one for your home with a simple tutorial from Meridian Road.  There are tons of photos…I love photos!


The finish is awesome and what about those number??  Very cool!



This is a quick project that’s sure to get you tons of compliments…once you convince your guests that you did actually make it yourself. :)

DSC_0450{Meridian Road}

UPDATE: Unfortunately the owner of the above blog made it private and due to a “no search bots” rule, there is no archive to use in the alternative. — if we find this tutorial or a similar one elsewhere, we will update this post with a new link. In the meantime, if you look at the pictures closely enough, you can figure it out! Don’t give up. If you do make this, let us know!

If you’re going to make a clock, go big!  This rustic wall clock tutorial is a great place to start.

I’ve always been a little nervous about them because they actually have to work…ha!  I realize now it’s really very simple!

 Have you ever made a clock or maybe altered a clock?