5 Space Saving Storage Bed Ideas


Recently, a good friend asked me a funny question. “Have you heard of this Tiny House movement?”

I guess he just found the Internet last week because everyone has heard of the major shift to smaller homes. I, for one, love the move to smaller spaces and we can personally vouch for it being a wonderful lifestyle. (to a point…)

What really got Kim and I interested in the idea of small space living was the amount of time we spent with our whole family traveling the US in a motorhome. That was four of us (and two Chinese Shar-Peis) for weeks at a time in a space that totaled about 275sf or so.

Not surprisingly, the biggest issue we faced was storage, but those motorhome designers have been around the block a time or two. (ha!, get it?) They know how to find available storage in places you would never think of.

We found the the most useful storage was under the big bed. So I went out looking for a few inspiring storage beds for my “future” tiny house design. (with wheels or not!)

Small Space Living – Storage Beds


This first model is just like the one we had in our Winnebago. I found this one at a site that had tons of these type beds, time4sleep.com.

The thing that surprises you most with this kind of storage is how much more you can fit under the bed this way. We would get the space totally full, then add more, then more… It was usually “nothing else is going to fit under here” three times before we were really done!

ImageKeep Your Drawers Under The Bed

When I first started collecting small space storage ideas back in 2009, I wrote a post at Remodeling Guy that included this neat storage option.

Something like this might require a little custom work but talk about making the most of your space!

In my experience (I’ve built a few of these), the issue can be drawer depth and weight. To use all the space under the bed, the drawer has to be at least half the width of the bed if you can get to both sides, full-width if you can only get to one side. This means very strong drawer hardware is needed and it helps to build two drawers as shown in the picture, rather than one.

The Case for Baskets

Baskets are always a great way to get three happy things at once:

  1. Good usable storage
  2. Nice looking and easy to fit with existing decor
  3. No custom cabinet maker required!

We’ve used baskets to create useful storage on open shelves many times. The same idea can be applied to under the bed. These two pictures I found on Pinterest might inspire you.





Wheely Cool!

If you really don’t have time, money, or inclination to get or build a new bed platform right now, how about this great idea.

Use old drawers on wheels to create easy-access storage under your existing bed!

I thought Thrifty Crafty Girl did a great job on this one:


You can see her entire how-to post here: http://www.thriftycraftygirl.com/2012/03/under-bed-storage.html


No matter how which method you choose (and there are so many more) a great storage bed is the perfect small space storage solution!