6 Styles of Beautiful Wood Ceilings

Is your ceiling getting boring? Feeling a little, er, flat? Here’s an idea that’s really not too hard to do and could make a stunning difference. Cover your ceiling with wood planks.

Wood Plank Ceilings in Every Style


Rustic is easy and fast. No painting and no tight finish work.

Rustic is easy and fast. No painting and no tight finish work. This ceiling looks like 1×8 pine that has been naturally weathered, such as when a pile of wood goes unsold at a lumberyard for too long. Buy the whole pile for half price when it looks like this!



Painted wood and open beams are made for each other!

First of all, a sky blue ceiling is always cool, even if it’s just drywall. But when it’s beat up old wood planks over real exposed rafters you’ve got the makings of a perfect cottage room.


Island Style


If the previous ceiling in blue is still too boring and you need real color, then maybe this picture will inspire you. If this is a little much for your taste, check out this next one…

Image: RemodelingGuy.net via CoastalLiving.com


Only the natural color of the wood is needed here in a modern kitchen.

It’s funny how tastes change. Years ago I wouldn’t have given this a second look. But today, right now, I’m looking.

This is a stunning example of clean modern design. I love the smooth and naturally finished wood. You could use a design like this to cover-up ductwork or other utility lines in a no-attic situation.

image: Best of Remodeling


Ceiling, floors, view, and not much more

While the urban look is growing on me, I’m not there yet on the minimalist. The above design is ceiling, floor, view and not much more. It looks great, but I’d make a mess of it so fast!

Image: zeospot.com



Industrial design includes some pretty neat aspects like exposed ductwork and major structural components like columns and beams without additional covering.

I’d like a closer look at that three pendant light fixture which is hanging from a beautiful example of an authentic (and probably original) narrow T&G wood ceiling.

Image: Windermere Real Estate

Some Easier Than Others

Ok, so maybe I strayed a little from the “easy to do” thought… it happens. Sometimes you just have to go for it. Your ceiling will thank you.

What’s your favorite style of wood ceiling? If you could have one in your house, where would it be?