12 Inspiring Nursery Rooms


Not just moms, but also dads want to have the room for their baby as beautiful as it can be. You may want to remodel the place where your baby can have a good rest and be comfortable with the feel of the surroundings.

Here is a list of 12 creative nursery rooms that can help you decide whether a plain white room or a colorful one can meet your taste, or which type or design of crib you find most appealing.


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Traditional Kitchen Ideas with a Contemporary Twist

Beautiful Green and White Kitchen by UK based Wren Kitchens

Paying attention to simple details is the difference between a ho-hum kitchen remodel and one that will make you want to just sit and look at it, like art!

I found this great looking green and white kitchen while looking at the traditional kitchens by Wren Kitchens page of a UK based site. I’m not sure I agree that there really is any such thing as “traditional” when it comes to kitchen design, but I suppose it’s as good a term as any.

No matter what you call it, the ideas and details in this design can transform the most important room in your home.

Here are a few great ideas you can take from this design:

Combine Three or More Colors –

traditional kitchen ideas colors

Far be it from me to recommend completely copying a color scheme, but then again, who’s gonna know? If you like this green and white kitchen (and who wouldn’t?) then go for it.

But the design idea holds true for any colors. Combining more than just two colors creates interest, adds depth, and fills your design with character. notice the varying shades in the green tile, the green cabinets, and the darker green of the doors. These all offset against the bright white cabinets and ceiling accented by brushed metal hardware. Awesome!

Do Something Different on The Bar Front

traditional kitchen ideas vertical joints

Or is that the bar back? Whatever.

I’ve seen a bazillion kitchens with beadboard paneling against the back of the bar area, but I really like the fresh look of this vertical joint paneling. It’s hard to tell from the picture if that is squared off joints, like you might get with a sheet of T1-11, or if it’s a V-Joint like you would get with solid lounge-and-groove lumber. Either way, the look is a great idea.

Stepping Out, Up, In, Down, Etc.

traditional kitchen ideas stepping out up

This idea really does qualify for the name “traditional” owing simply to the fact that it’s been around forever and ever. Maybe because it rocks!

The best way to fix the otherwise boring plainness of a straight wall of cabinets is to add some variation in height and depth of the cabinets. Most traditional designs step out as you approach the center whereas the design above steps in. I like it.

No matter whether you go in, out, up, down… steps in depth and height can make your long flat wall sing. Look closely at the picture above. Brilliance lives there.

Get Creative With Doors and Drawers

traditional kitchen ideas creative cabinet doors

I love the outward facing doors and drawers on this peninsula of cabinets. It’s very common to see this be finished with panels and the only access be from the sink side.

I also think the mixture of doors and drawers, while a little more expensive for sure, really adds something to this.

The final touch is the use of curved cabinet doors to allow for a rounded corner on the counter. It looks great, but if your cabinet maker or provider doesn’t offer this don’t fret. The same idea would look great squared off.


So now that I totally want to go tear out my cabinets, I hope you feel inspired for your own kitchen and you’ve got a couple of ideas to take with you.

Which part of this kitchen design is your favorite?


Gorgeous Black Woodgrain Kitchens

Are you ready for this? Black kitchen cabs have been the talk for awhile but most of the time it’s black painted cabinets, not woodgrain. This kitchen does the whole black thing but dials it back just a tad by letting the wood show through. I love it!


polygon homes on flickr

This whole thing just works for me. It’s not too dark thanks to the beautiful white counters, which appear to be something along the lines of a Silestone White Platinum.

Silestone White Platinum Counter

It really doesn’t end there. I’m liking a ton about this kitchen:

  • The layout is nice and easy – great for real life
  • I like the big island with nothing (like a sink or cooktop) in the way
  • Even though I thought I was over stainless appliances, they work here
  • I know it’s strange, but I like the little metal nailheads on the stool covers!
  • The white on white crown molding…goood

The only thing I’m not sure of is the floor. Another color would have been better.

Onyx Stain on Quartersawn Oak

Here’s another one:


I’m in love with the black stain thing. I was kind of into the whole black painted cabinet thing. I even wrote a post about spray painting your cabinets black a couple of years ago, but something about it just didn’t totally jive with me.

This jives. I guess it’s the woodgrain. Especially the “quartersawn” oak which has a much different grain than what you usually think of when you think of oak. This is very linear, no big color variations. Usually just vertical grain in two alternating shades: dark, light, dark, light, dark, light…

The image above is from Kraftmaid

So what about you? You dig? You can see the top kitchen in a white color scheme and vote on your favorite at Black vs. White on Remodeling Guy.

6 Styles of Beautiful Wood Ceilings

Is your ceiling getting boring? Feeling a little, er, flat? Here’s an idea that’s really not too hard to do and could make a stunning difference. Cover your ceiling with wood planks.

Wood Plank Ceilings in Every Style


Rustic is easy and fast. No painting and no tight finish work.

Rustic is easy and fast. No painting and no tight finish work. This ceiling looks like 1×8 pine that has been naturally weathered, such as when a pile of wood goes unsold at a lumberyard for too long. Buy the whole pile for half price when it looks like this!



Painted wood and open beams are made for each other!

First of all, a sky blue ceiling is always cool, even if it’s just drywall. But when it’s beat up old wood planks over real exposed rafters you’ve got the makings of a perfect cottage room.


Island Style


If the previous ceiling in blue is still too boring and you need real color, then maybe this picture will inspire you. If this is a little much for your taste, check out this next one…

Image: RemodelingGuy.net via CoastalLiving.com


Only the natural color of the wood is needed here in a modern kitchen.

It’s funny how tastes change. Years ago I wouldn’t have given this a second look. But today, right now, I’m looking.

This is a stunning example of clean modern design. I love the smooth and naturally finished wood. You could use a design like this to cover-up ductwork or other utility lines in a no-attic situation.

image: Best of Remodeling


Ceiling, floors, view, and not much more

While the urban look is growing on me, I’m not there yet on the minimalist. The above design is ceiling, floor, view and not much more. It looks great, but I’d make a mess of it so fast!

Image: zeospot.com



Industrial design includes some pretty neat aspects like exposed ductwork and major structural components like columns and beams without additional covering.

I’d like a closer look at that three pendant light fixture which is hanging from a beautiful example of an authentic (and probably original) narrow T&G wood ceiling.

Image: Windermere Real Estate

Some Easier Than Others

Ok, so maybe I strayed a little from the “easy to do” thought… it happens. Sometimes you just have to go for it. Your ceiling will thank you.

What’s your favorite style of wood ceiling? If you could have one in your house, where would it be?

Winning Kitchen Storage Ideas

Sometimes we need just a little more space, or just the right space, to keep everything in order in the kitchen.  I love, love, love seeing my pretty dishes and vintage pyrex bowls so I wouldn’t want to hide them away in a regular kitchen cabinet.  Decorating with what you use can keep it all in reach and look beautiful at the same time. 

Here are some fabulous ideas for storage in your kitchen.


Our old kitchen had lots of space, but not a ton of storage.  Something like this freestanding armoire could holds tons of holiday china and become a beautiful accent you’ll never want to do without.  I love the green!



Open shelves are one of my favorite things!  Just stack all your colorful dishes and you’ve decorated your kitchen with style.  Now it looks like a kitchen that actually gets cooked in…that’s a good thing!


What should you do with all those small appliances that you love?  How about cubbies??  This is a fun way to organize everything so you can find it when you need it.  On a side note, I just got an ice cream make like this one and it rocks!


So much space gets wasted!  Go all the way to the top with your cabinets and make your kitchen HOT!  You’ll love all the extra storage space you get and it only makes your kitchen more beautiful.

I hope you found a kitchen storage idea that works for you.  Think outside the box of ordinary cabinets and make your kitchen your own.

I love my colorful dishes and display them on open shelves. What’s your favorite thing to display in your kitchen?


Decorate With Tangerine

Spring is here…time to add some color to every room of your house!  Patone’s Color of the Year is Tangerine Tango and this sweet and sassy color will brighten up any decor.  Just a touch is all you need and you can never go wrong with new pillows, right?


Look for tons of small accessories coming to a store near you.  A simple vase or lamp could really add a bit of style to your room.  I really like that elephant dish towel!



This little nook would look a bit average until you throw in that fabulous tangerine table…love it!5812557540_e2830efcf9_o

Paint an old table or yard sale table for a fresh new look!





What do you think of this bathroom?  It’s not really my style, but the color sure looks great!  I never thought about painting the bottom of a sink.



Alright, I’ll take a room just like this one!  It’s stunning and those chairs are PEFECT!

Are you going to try a bit of tangerine in your decor this Spring?


Decorating???  Check out these 101 Green Home Decor Ideas!

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Have a Breakfast Nook You Can Be Proud Of!

ImageEverybody luuurrrvves a great breakfast nook!

They have the potential to be one of the most comfortable and cozy spaces in any home.

Here are a few inspiring photos and tips to help you transform your nook into your own little slice of heaven!

This little nook to the right is a great example of creatively imagining a space that is both functional and beautiful!

The use of horizontal wood boards as wall paneling and then painting that an accent color is brilliant!

While it may be a little bit pink for me personally, it’s really a great space that looks like an inspiring spot to start the day!

Connect Built-In Seating and Storage


Built-in seating, commonly referred to as banquettes, is a great way to save space while gaining big in terms of liveability!

Nobody loves the feeling of having more empty chairs around the table than full ones. If you’re like me, it just makes you miss your kids wherever they may be at the moment.

The cool set-up above works comfortably for two without seeming empty yet is easily expanded to seat up to five for a larger gathering.

When It Comes to Windows, Think Outside the Box


These windows make this space sing! Designs like this are getting easier and easier to come by so don’t give-up too quickly! Modern woodworking machines are bringing the costs down and the result of something like this is breathtaking!

The simple chandalier, bright white walls, and unobtrusive open beam ceilings are all ideas you could incorporate into your perfect sun-kissed corner.

A Cleaner Approach


If you’re more comfortable surrounded by clean lines and soft, warm tones, then maybe the highly customized dining area shown above is up your ally.

Top-of-the-line cabinetry and custom cushions work together with just the right shade of paint and some fantastic looking interior brickwork to create a space that is elegant, functional, and very, very comfortable.

The wall-mounted lighting makes that corner look like a great place to kick back with a book or a magazine. Is this one your dream spot?

What About a Simple Splash of Color?


Sometimes the difference between “blah” and “bam!” is as simple as a little bit of color! Find a table at Goodwill or Habitat and hit it with some sandpaper and paint and you’ll soon be greeting each day with a smile!

A close look reveals some attention to detail has gone into the space shown above. The assortment of pillows perfectly ties the table with the window shade and wall colors.

Very nice!

No Breakfast Nook?

Don’t fret, just do a bump-out addition! Take a close look at this one:


I love color, so it’s sometimes tough for me to get into very subdued designs, but this really looks fantastic. The way the table and benches cantilever out with no support really look neat.

The cool thing about this space is that the whole entire thing could be added to any home as a bump-out addition. It’s less expensive than you might think and the added space can be invaluable!

I wrote a post about Bump-Out additions over at RemodelingGuy if you want to read more about that.


Well there you have it. A few ideas that you can use to create a breakfast nook you can be proud of!


~ Tim


Photo sources: Ashley Anderson,  CentsationalGirl, bhg.com, Olivia Kiraly, 28media


Outdoor Fireplaces, Oh My!

With the beautiful days of spring approaching now might be a good time to start thinking about outdoor living spaces once more!

Thank heavens, the days of a plain and bare porch are gone.

The new porch is a living space all its own, complete with comfortable sofas, area lighting, inviting floor coverings, and, if you’re lucky, an outdoor fireplace!


Beautiful and Functional

The visual impact of an outdoor fireplace can be extraordinary.  The photo above shows that the results can be, well, wow!

Outdoor rooms often have the enviable benefit of abundant space available.

The lack of walls open up design opportunities that don’t exist inside.  The ways to make an outdoor fireplace beautiful are virtually unlimited.



But the examples shown here are much, much more than a pretty face!  The functionality is undeniable.  Outdoor fireplaces provide more than you might think!

Fireplaces can:

  • Confine the space – This can be a good thing making an otherwise wide-open area feel cozy and comfortable.
  • Block undesired views – Have a neighbor you don’t want to look at?  Fireplaces, especially with chimneys, are great for this.
  • Create a focal point – Focal points outside can play a huge role in the feel of interior spaces. Use a fireplace to make a great one!
  • Hide structural components – Is there a post right where you don’t want it?  What if it was a beautiful fireplace?

More Options Outdoors

Interior fireplaces have lots of building codes related to chimneys, gas lines, and distances from various “combustible” building components!

Understandably so!  Outdoor fireplaces are much more open to design flexibility.

Notice how the beautiful brick fireplace below is able to stop short at just over head-height.  The short chimney gets smoke high enough to avoid it being in the space, but keeps the sky visually uncluttered and is less expensive to build!


You also get to choose from a wider range of materials outside.  The amazing and massive fireplace below uses the same exterior finish as the rest of the house walls.  The result is a fireplace that looks incredible, blends with the overall design, and is designed to withstand the elements.


Add Space, Create Warmth, Enjoy Outdoors!

Outdoor living spaces are wonderful in so many ways.  Time with friends and family can transform into an unforgettable experience when you turn up the heat a little!

Here’s to an endless supply of beautiful springtime evenings enjoying outdoor living in your home!  Cheers!

Photo source: CoastalLiving.com