Winning Kitchen Storage Ideas

Sometimes we need just a little more space, or just the right space, to keep everything in order in the kitchen.  I love, love, love seeing my pretty dishes and vintage pyrex bowls so I wouldn’t want to hide them away in a regular kitchen cabinet.  Decorating with what you use can keep it all in reach and look beautiful at the same time. 

Here are some fabulous ideas for storage in your kitchen.


Our old kitchen had lots of space, but not a ton of storage.  Something like this freestanding armoire could holds tons of holiday china and become a beautiful accent you’ll never want to do without.  I love the green!



Open shelves are one of my favorite things!  Just stack all your colorful dishes and you’ve decorated your kitchen with style.  Now it looks like a kitchen that actually gets cooked in…that’s a good thing!


What should you do with all those small appliances that you love?  How about cubbies??  This is a fun way to organize everything so you can find it when you need it.  On a side note, I just got an ice cream make like this one and it rocks!


So much space gets wasted!  Go all the way to the top with your cabinets and make your kitchen HOT!  You’ll love all the extra storage space you get and it only makes your kitchen more beautiful.

I hope you found a kitchen storage idea that works for you.  Think outside the box of ordinary cabinets and make your kitchen your own.

I love my colorful dishes and display them on open shelves. What’s your favorite thing to display in your kitchen?