Outdoor Fireplaces, Oh My!

With the beautiful days of spring approaching now might be a good time to start thinking about outdoor living spaces once more!

Thank heavens, the days of a plain and bare porch are gone.

The new porch is a living space all its own, complete with comfortable sofas, area lighting, inviting floor coverings, and, if you’re lucky, an outdoor fireplace!


Beautiful and Functional

The visual impact of an outdoor fireplace can be extraordinary.  The photo above shows that the results can be, well, wow!

Outdoor rooms often have the enviable benefit of abundant space available.

The lack of walls open up design opportunities that don’t exist inside.  The ways to make an outdoor fireplace beautiful are virtually unlimited.



But the examples shown here are much, much more than a pretty face!  The functionality is undeniable.  Outdoor fireplaces provide more than you might think!

Fireplaces can:

  • Confine the space – This can be a good thing making an otherwise wide-open area feel cozy and comfortable.
  • Block undesired views – Have a neighbor you don’t want to look at?  Fireplaces, especially with chimneys, are great for this.
  • Create a focal point – Focal points outside can play a huge role in the feel of interior spaces. Use a fireplace to make a great one!
  • Hide structural components – Is there a post right where you don’t want it?  What if it was a beautiful fireplace?

More Options Outdoors

Interior fireplaces have lots of building codes related to chimneys, gas lines, and distances from various “combustible” building components!

Understandably so!  Outdoor fireplaces are much more open to design flexibility.

Notice how the beautiful brick fireplace below is able to stop short at just over head-height.  The short chimney gets smoke high enough to avoid it being in the space, but keeps the sky visually uncluttered and is less expensive to build!


You also get to choose from a wider range of materials outside.  The amazing and massive fireplace below uses the same exterior finish as the rest of the house walls.  The result is a fireplace that looks incredible, blends with the overall design, and is designed to withstand the elements.


Add Space, Create Warmth, Enjoy Outdoors!

Outdoor living spaces are wonderful in so many ways.  Time with friends and family can transform into an unforgettable experience when you turn up the heat a little!

Here’s to an endless supply of beautiful springtime evenings enjoying outdoor living in your home!  Cheers!

Photo source: CoastalLiving.com

Modern Outdoor Fire Pits are Hot!

What is it about fire? Fire, in many forms, provides an effect on the moods of people that no other form of light or heat can match. Candles, torches (I prefer the “Tiki” style myself), and fireplaces are all on the menu when looking at ways to add a little “spark” to your home.  One particular form of fire has really been seeing an increase in popularity and use. Hello outdoor fire pit.


Of course with increased use comes competition and good old fashioned one-upsmanship which leads to some incredible backyard firepit designs such as the one above found at sunset.com.  This whole patio looks wonderful and inviting, but I have to wonder how comfortable it would be to sit on those hard benches.  I bet they do warm-up nice on cold evenings though.


While the design in the first picture is most likely a gas outdoor fire pit, it’s possible to create a built-in look using a portable fire pit.  The image above from hgtv.com shows an arrangement of loose stones stacked around a metal fire basket.  That idea could easily be applied to any portable unit.  Still not excited about the seating…


I don’t know about you, but sometimes I just feel the urge to walk on hot coals.  It reminds me of Tony Robbins, which reminds me to think positive, which makes me feel happy. At least for a second.  This cool corner fire pit from trendytraveler.tumblr.com would make that whole process so much less work. Right?

A quick aside: How awesome is the green grassy mossy garnish-ey stuff!?  It looks great and if you need to finish off a fine gourmet dish you can just run out and grab a bit of it.


Finally, soft seating!  This place looks too cool to be true.  Kim found the picture at gretita.tumblr.com and I’m thinking it’s pretty sharp in an ultra-modern, make sure you’re fully dressed at all times, sort of way.  During the rainy season, this one doubles as a goldfish pond.


This picture from thefancy.com includes a really cool looking modern metal fire pit that is recessed beneath the floor level.  Judging by the abundance of firewood in the awesome custom storage areas to each side of the stairs, this one appears to be an old fashioned wood burning fire pit.

One more look at the picture to take note of the incredible panels of glass that are, if your these folks, your back doors.  Nice.

It’s the fire pit time of year.  I’d love to see some of your fire pit pictures.  You can include one link in a comment, let’s see them.  (two or more links won’t publish due to spam issues)