10 Country Kitchen Inspired Budget Tips

We’ve taken a few great looking country kitchens and pulled out 10 tips to save you money on your kitchen remodel budget. Did we miss anything?


1. Framed DIY Chalkboards – Skipping the whole set of upper cabinets has two key benefits.  First, it opens up the room and creates a feeling of spaciousness many kitchens yearn for.  Second, it saves a ton of money!  The drawback can be huge expanses of open wall space.  Paint a section with chalkboard paint and frame it with wood that compliments your cabinets.  The addition of some small shelves like seen above complete the look and make-up for some of that lost storage!

2. Make Use of inexpensive furnishings – A table like the one above can be a garage sale find for $20!  Even a new one probably wouldn’t set you back more than $100.  Compare that to a thousand dollars or more for an island cabinet and counter surface.  The metal shelving unit is another great solution that won’t cost much and provides a nice contrast to the wood in the room.

3. White Appliances and Fixtures – Creating a design that works with white appliances will save you a bundle. White appliances are consistently less expensive, sometimes by more than 30%.


4. Learn a little carpentry! – Open shelves like the ones above are very easy to cut from simple 1×8 or 1×10 lumber.  The brackets can be either made or bought.  I found some on Amazon.com that were similar for about $12 bucks.  Decide to take your skill level a notch higher and you can cut these out yourself for a fraction of even that cost. (Hint: The wood beadboard paneling on the wall makes securely mounting shelves about a gazillion times easier)

5.  Consider a smaller sink area – This farm sink looks awesome and farm sinks certainly cost a bit more than drop-in sinks do.  But the picture above demonstrates a different kind of economy – space economy.  This farm sink is a single bowl model that is half as wide as some of the larger sinks.  That space savings means a smaller bottom line budget and less to clean too!


6. Hunt for bargains on tile flooring – Flooring is one of the most wide ranging cost items in any remodel.  Its also one of the areas where serious money can be saved.  The image above shows a porcelain tile floor that is exactly the kind of thing I see on clearance pallets all the time.  Don’t shop only at the big-box stores.  Go to the nearest large metro area and visit dozens of tile suppliers in one day.  You’ll often find them in the same areas making it easy to visit a half-dozen suppliers in a couple of hours.  They always have close-out selections for crazy prices.  The catch:  you have to take delivery now, so be ready or have a storage spot lined-up.



7. Keep paint choices simple – The more paint colors you have, the higher your budget will creep.  More colors means more paint, more tools, and more time.  If you’re paying a painter, that means a lot more money.  Even if you’re DIY’ing it, you’ll save cash by keeping paint choices to a minimum.  I’d never advocate skimping on your design goals for this (I love colorful spaces), but as you can see in the photo above, one color can look fantastic!

8. Combine Spaces – The kitchen above gives new meaning to the term “Eat-In-Kitchen”.  In a smaller home, doubling up on space like this can mean the difference between a house working for your family or not.  It can save tens of thousands of dollars on the cost of a room addition or a larger home.  Small spaces often work out much better than you expect and result in great times with family and friends, so if you can use the same space for cooking and eating, go for it!


9. Um… well, let’s see… There must be a money saving tip in this awesome kitchen somewhere. Cheap cabinets, nope…not even close.  Flooring… it doesn’t get much more expensive than this.  Don’t even get me started on that awesome unit against the wall under the windows.  Windows!  That’s it – lot’s of windows save money on lighting cost while creating a happy and inviting space!

Moving on…


10. Don’t be afraid of “eclectic” – A kitchen like the one above is the kind of space that is filled to the brim with things the owner loves from the bottom of her soul!  Items like that unique baker’s rack/cupboard and the antique table with bench seating are too authentic to be contrived.  This is the kind of space that can only happen over time.

Just start collecting things you love and putting them to work.  After awhile, a look all your own will develop and you’ll love everything so much it will feel like it didn’t cost you a dime!

~ Tim