Traditional Kitchen Ideas with a Contemporary Twist

Beautiful Green and White Kitchen by UK based Wren Kitchens

Paying attention to simple details is the difference between a ho-hum kitchen remodel and one that will make you want to just sit and look at it, like art!

I found this great looking green and white kitchen while looking at the traditional kitchens by Wren Kitchens page of a UK based site. I’m not sure I agree that there really is any such thing as “traditional” when it comes to kitchen design, but I suppose it’s as good a term as any.

No matter what you call it, the ideas and details in this design can transform the most important room in your home.

Here are a few great ideas you can take from this design:

Combine Three or More Colors –

traditional kitchen ideas colors

Far be it from me to recommend completely copying a color scheme, but then again, who’s gonna know? If you like this green and white kitchen (and who wouldn’t?) then go for it.

But the design idea holds true for any colors. Combining more than just two colors creates interest, adds depth, and fills your design with character. notice the varying shades in the green tile, the green cabinets, and the darker green of the doors. These all offset against the bright white cabinets and ceiling accented by brushed metal hardware. Awesome!

Do Something Different on The Bar Front

traditional kitchen ideas vertical joints

Or is that the bar back? Whatever.

I’ve seen a bazillion kitchens with beadboard paneling against the back of the bar area, but I really like the fresh look of this vertical joint paneling. It’s hard to tell from the picture if that is squared off joints, like you might get with a sheet of T1-11, or if it’s a V-Joint like you would get with solid lounge-and-groove lumber. Either way, the look is a great idea.

Stepping Out, Up, In, Down, Etc.

traditional kitchen ideas stepping out up

This idea really does qualify for the name “traditional” owing simply to the fact that it’s been around forever and ever. Maybe because it rocks!

The best way to fix the otherwise boring plainness of a straight wall of cabinets is to add some variation in height and depth of the cabinets. Most traditional designs step out as you approach the center whereas the design above steps in. I like it.

No matter whether you go in, out, up, down… steps in depth and height can make your long flat wall sing. Look closely at the picture above. Brilliance lives there.

Get Creative With Doors and Drawers

traditional kitchen ideas creative cabinet doors

I love the outward facing doors and drawers on this peninsula of cabinets. It’s very common to see this be finished with panels and the only access be from the sink side.

I also think the mixture of doors and drawers, while a little more expensive for sure, really adds something to this.

The final touch is the use of curved cabinet doors to allow for a rounded corner on the counter. It looks great, but if your cabinet maker or provider doesn’t offer this don’t fret. The same idea would look great squared off.


So now that I totally want to go tear out my cabinets, I hope you feel inspired for your own kitchen and you’ve got a couple of ideas to take with you.

Which part of this kitchen design is your favorite?